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Dan Szuc & Jo Wong


Davide "Folletto" Casali


The workshop

Designing teams to make meaningful work

People want to spend more time on meaningful work and with teams who are engaged in making that happen. Projects where people's skills and practice strengths are working well together to encourage people to learn, improve and thrive.

People want organisations that are energetic, collaborative, purposeful and visionary.

However today:

Organisations are stuck in the industrial age.

Where people are treated as robots in silos on a production line. But people are not machines. We all get lost in the noise, speed and deliverables of the day to day work that we forget about why we are working on a project in the first place.

This results in feeling purposeless, stressed, unhealthy and in a state of “sleepwalking”.

Quick Info


October 13rd 2018
from 9.30 to 18.30


Camplus Bononia
Via Sante Vincenzi n.49


40€ to 120€

What if we could:

  • Create a project ecosystem that encouraged people to thrive?
  • Use project stories to help us harvest practices?
  • Identify core practices to help people do the work that matters?
  • Define and practice "meaning" for self, team, project and organisation to support
  • continuous learning and tactical and strategic clarity for all?

This workshop will explore 5 x elements:

  • The "Capability" problem (inside and outside organisations)
  • The "Make Meaningful Work" Journey - awaken, connect, overcome and sustain
  • "Sparkle Sessions" to teach, learn, make, practice, reflect and action
  • "Learning Portfolios" to deal with the "Capability" problem statement
  • "Practices" and "Conditions" to create a "Meaning Canvas" for individuals and teams

What will you get?

This workshop includes:

  • A free lecture in Bologna on 12 October 2018 (venue and address to be announced soon)
  • A "Journal" to help you log your stories and observations
  • A "Meaning Canvas" to demonstrate individual and team value
  • A practical "Plan" to sustain individual and team practices to nurture meaning and a culture of continuous learning
  • 1 hour lunch included
  • Breaks for drinks and snacks

Who should attend?

Diversity is good!

This needs to be a cross disciplinary conversation, so we welcome a wide range of job titles:

  • Product & Project Managers
  • Designers
  • Engineers & Developers
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Content and Communications

Just to name a few.

Will the workshop be in English?

Dan and Jo don't speak Italian, and we expect to host a diverse and international audience; So - yes! - it will be in English,
however the atmosphere will be relaxed and co-facilitators speak Italian so he will help if you won't feel confortable with your English.

Let's be clear: the use of English language, even during the breaks, is strongly encouraged although it is not 100% mandatory.
With a small effort, you'll allow serendipitous over-heard situations to happen! ;)

The facilitators

Dan Szuc

Dan is a co-founder and principal at Apogee and co-founder of Make Meaningful Work, as well as the co-founder of UX Hong Kong.

He has been involved in the UX field for over 20 years, and has been based in Hong Kong for over 20 years.
Dan has lectured about user-centered design globally.

He has co-authored three books including: From Sleepwalking to Sparkle, Global UX with Whitney Quesenbery and the Usability Kit with Gerry Gaffney.

You can follow him on Twitter: @dszuc

Jo Wong

Jo Wong is a co-founder and principal at Apogee and co-founder of Make Meaningful Work, as well as the co-founder of UX Hong Kong.

Jo grew up in multicultural Hong Kong with a Chinese-Burmese father and Chinese-Indonesian mother. Jo is passionate about the environment, political and economic systems and how we can live healthier and happier lives while not adversely impacting less fortunate people.

The co-facilitator

Davide "Folletto" Casali

Davide Casali, better known as “Folletto”, is a user experience director and startup advisor with a hybrid background in design, psychology and technology. His objective is to change for better the quality of life of the people through the products he designs and lead. He currently works in Automattic, maker of

He believes that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo DaVinci reportedly said and his approach is to reach a focused simplicity through the existing complexity.

You can follow him on Twitter: @folletto

The Venue

The event will be held at:

Camplus Bononia

Via Sante Vincenzi 49

See the Map

The program

  • Registration opens at 9:00am
  • Event starts at 9:30am
  • Lunch is 12:00-2:00pm
  • Two breaks: one on morning and one in the afternoon
  • Event finishes at 6:30pm


We provide huge discounts for early birds, students and groups (min 5 people)

Invoices will be issued (upon request) for your tickets and will be emailed after the event.
Refunds Policy: If you need to cancel your seat, you must tell us at least 7 days before the date of the event to receive a 100% refund (PayPal & Eventbrite fees excluded). No refunds can be issued for seats that are cancelled less than 7 days before the event.

Any Questions or special needs?

Please, feel free to contact Nicolò, the "on site" organiser, and ask him.
Recurring questions will be listed in a F.A.Q. in the next days.